How do you determine value of my horse?  
There are many way to assess the value of a horse.  I will evaluate the unique circumstances of each project and then apply the most appropriate method, as defined by the American Society of Equine Appraisers.  The Sales Comparison method is most commonly used to determine the “fair market value” of your horse.  Much like real estate comps, I can review horses that have sold recently with similar characteristics to your horse and add or subtract dollars based on an unbiased evaluation of how your horse stacks up.

Can you value a horse that you don’t physically see?   
Yes, because some horses are no longer available for inspection, much of my work is appraising horses that I cannot see in person.  I conduct appraisals under hypothetical conditions, usually if the horse is deceased or stolen.  This type of appraisal requires that I ‘assume’ some facts by using information obtained through various documents and validated by other sources including but not limited to veterinarians, trainers, breed registry officials, local sale barns, or prior owners.

How much does an appraisal cost?
Much like attorneys, in the world of appraisals, you get what you pay for. My valuations are used in court, for tax purposes and with insurance companies.  You can be confident that your appraisal and your appraiser will hold up to the highest standards including litigation and the IRS.  I offer appraisal services from $200 to $1,200, depending on the client’s need and project scope.  Also, I offer volume discounts and extend discounts to members of many equestrian organizations including AQHA, APHA, and 4-H.

Do you provide services to attorneys, accountants or insurance agents?
Yes!  Please call or email to discuss you or your client’s specific needs.

What types of horses does AEA usually appraise?
Western Pleasure, Performance Horses, Equitation Horses, Ponies, Miniature Horses, Trail / Companion Horses. If I don’t specialize in your breed or discipline, I am happy to direct you to another Certified Equine Appraiser that does.

Why would someone need a horse appraised?
 At some point in a horse owner’s life, situations may occur that requires you to prove the value of your horse.  This is when you need a professional horse appraiser who can advise you of the proper process and procedures.  I examine horse values for sales, donations, litigation, partnerships, collateral and more.